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Opera Mini approved for iPhone

Apple have surprised a lot of people by approving the Opera Mini browser. I have just installed it on my iPhone 3G and must admit that while it loads pages pretty fast, it isn’t quite there yet. There are a few things that bug me straight away.

  1. Opera Mini is obviously reporting a different user agent string to Safari, my google results are pretty ugly compared to the page google serves up for Safari.
  2. In full screen mode you can’t scroll back to the top of the page and address bar by tapping the status bar.
  3. Opera Mini supports pinch to zoom, but a double-tap only zooms right in or out.  I prefer the zoom to column feature of safari.  The pinch zoom also isn’t as fluid as safari.
  4. The Acid3 test; this is a curious one.  Running the acid test on Safari I results in a jerky animation with 100/100.  Opera Mini craps out but gets a score of 97/100. For reference: running the acid test on Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7 results in a fairly smooth animation but it still doesn’t match the reference and only gets a score of 94/100!

These are just my initial thoughts on the browser, its fast, very very fast in fact… but I don’t think it’ll be replacing safari as my default browser just yet.

Engadget have give their fleeting opinion here:

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