Custom firmware for my DG834Gv2

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While bouncing about the internet I came across the DGTeam site which offered a custom firmware for my (pretty ancient) Netgear DG834Gv2 wireless ADSL router which provides an expanded feature set.  I already knew that projects like DD-WRT and Tomato existed, but they’re for routers with different chipsets.

I was slightly apprehensive looking at the DGTeam website as, with no updates in almost two years, the project appears to have been abandoned.

I decided to do a little research. Most of it admittedly was done on (Big long DGTeam thread) where the DGTeam firmwares are quite popular. There was lots of talk about increased download speeds from the optimized firmwares and also some worrying talk of bricking.

Oh well, if I brick the router I’d just need to get a new one (wireless N, mmm). So off I went to find a mirror with the most up to date version for my router.

Before starting I downloaded my current firmware version, latest verson and a windows recovery tool from netgear. Next I did a speed test and got 5.9Mbps, average for me but the recent history showed 6.2Mbps to be my best result.

I flashed the new firmware as I would a regular update and in little over a minute my router was back up and running. Another speed test gave 6.8Mbps, not as pronounced a result as some posters on overclockers were claiming, but definately a difference.

So far I’m quite happy, I didnt get my wireless N router, but I also didn’t have to fork out any cash… I’ll update this post with some results after it has bedded in. Continue reading “Custom firmware for my DG834Gv2”