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I’ve been patiently waiting for our local exchange to be upgraded to 20Mbps, not super fast by any means but still quicker than our current 8Mbps service.  So it came as some surprise to find that I’d completely missed the upgrade by almost two months, and if I hadn’t been messing about with my router firmware I may not have noticed for some time to come…

So, I found myself deal hunting.  USwitch have a nice StreetStats tool that shows you what speeds people around you are getting, the big players are all there but only BT and TalkTalk are showing for speeds over 8Mbps.  USwitch handily shows that a few other providers also have equipment at my exchange, this is lung at BT are expensive and, having had much experience with TalkTalk (both 1st and 2nd hand), I would not go near them if they paid me.

I checked out the remaining ISPs and it came down to either PlusNet or Sky.  I’m an existing customer with both for broadband and satellite TV respectively, and to be honest I am perfectly happy with the service I’ve received from both.  This is broadband however and the service I’ve received from PlusNet over the past six years has been exemplary. Comparing both services however shows that on a like for like basis Sky’s package for existing customers is less than half the price of PlusNet.

However, researching the Sky broadband offering makes me apprehensive.  It seems its a bit hit or miss depending on their equipment at the exchange and the router the send out.  It also seems that you have to jump through hoops to get the ADSL username and password, and even then you can’t use your own router because Sky uses the Router MAC code as part of the authentication process.

So, it seems I have a choice. Stick with what I know works, or save a fair amount of money each month and take a plunge into the unknown?

To be continued… (read part two here)

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